A concept which I developed to encourage men and women to stay fit and active by "BULLYING THE ROADS" - the definition of a road bully is one who dominates their running environment with power and authority. 
My passion for athletics began in primary school where we used to compete at lunchtimes to determine who was the fastest in the school.
This determination and passion for the sport followed me all the way through my secondary school experience where I competed for my school in county meets.
A passion which was later deflated by my A Level studies - however, following my graduation from University, I picked up running again.
However, not as a sprinter but a long distance runner - a very big challenge, indeed. Through joining run clubs and engaging in weekly runs, I decided to put myself to the ultimate test and complete my first half marathon representing Run With Purpose (a run club and community for men, with the aim of helping each other to overcome mental health challenges through running, conversations and lending an ear).
The successful completion of this half marathon encouraged me to add an identity to the movement. The use of the font demonstrates the power and authority highlighted in the movement.
A movement not limited but constantly expanding, emphasised by the warp emerging from within the oval shape. The colour red is associated with energy, strength, power and determination. ​​​​​​​
To further the development of the BULLY THE ROADS concept, I have curated a playlist on Spotify and documented my weekly runs via Instagram to keep track of my progress and inspire others to also BULLY THE ROADS with power and authority.
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