Flourish, a conference for women hosted by IMPRINT Church. Every year, the women of IMPRINT Church host a women’s conference to empower and encourage the women within the church community, this year the theme of the conference under the umbrella of Identity was Flourish. As the Creative Director for IMPRINT Church, my main functions were:
1) To gather a pool of creatives to capture visuals (photography and videography) to create promotional content for our social media feeds. 
2) Create presets for the visuals with the aim of creating a warm, vibrant and engaging mood. 
3) Prepare digital content for the social media, including animation and still graphics.
This campaign received our largest ever engagement and response via our social media platforms. On Instagram, the main cover photo for the Flourish Conference achieved a reach of 26,194 impressions which lead to a further 281 clicks, which increased attendance for the conference. 
Overall, this was a very successful project as it was able to capture the right target audience and the campaign painted an authentic and engaging buzz for the desired consumer.
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