ktizo, a movement established by myself in 2019. As a brand, we believe that God has given everyone a unique ability to create and the barriers to create are non-existent.  We are not restricted by the lack of resources but see the opportunity in every circumstance to build, establish and restore  with our creative gifts.
The term ktizo means “to create” derived from the Greek language. Every piece produced by ktizo tells a story and the core principles behind this brand is to empower all types of creatives.
This was a concept I designed to speak with regards to dealing with anxiety and worry on a daily basis. In the Bible, Jesus talks about how to deal with worry by asking the question, can worry add a single moment to your day? God takes care of the birds, how much more us? This was what inspired the concept. That from morning till night - we take things day by day in step with him. 

Interesting fact: I designed the cereal box for the photoshoot. Images captured by the wonderful Nwaka Okparaeke.
This was our first ever drop - a simple collection of essential items.
What I love about this project is the creative freedom involved in each campaign. From conception to completion, I really enjoy the creative process behind it all. The current avenue in which we promote this message of no barriers to creativity is through fashion. What inspires this love for visual communication through clothing? My daily encounters with pieces from brands such as UNIQLO, Cos, Off-White, Palace - just to name a few. The simplicity in design and quality of the material is so key and pivotal to the customer's experience. This was the thought process behind the initial launch of ktizo. 

The Essentials Collection encapsulated this motivation - creating a staple piece which highlighted the beginning of a new movement. The typography used was intentional, a bold yet italic font showcasing the bold statement issued by the movement and its dynamic style it how the designs and ideas are imagined.
The KTIZO Club Collection created a real sense of belonging and community within those who are passionate about the brand but also creative pioneers. A statement piece with flavour - shown in the warped effect of the KTIZO Club logo and the confidence embodied in the phrase "a godly flex." The graphics created furthered the narrative of the collection being special due to the high quality of the material used to create the hoodie, the embroidered ktizo logo and the attractive screen printed design plastered at the back of the hoodie. 
Of course, this was challenging - from finding suppliers with values which align to yours, discovering the best type of material to use to creating the graphics. A lot of time and finances were invested to launching this brand and maintaining it, but, I have learnt a lot from the mistakes and successes which occurred. Challenges make you better, they enable you to become more adaptable in every circumstance in which you may find yourself. 
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