Starling Bank is an essential part of the cohort which has radically transformed the way we manage our finances. Their excellent customer service and contribution to society has been further cemented by the numerous awards it has gathered since its launch in 2014. 
As a fellow Starling Bank user, I wanted to express my gratitude for the amazing user experience and efficiency by creating a concept which highlights its strong customer experience. It is important when designing concepts to incorporate the brand voice and experience, in order to create a concept that delivers an authentic perspective which the consumer can engage with. 
The Advertisement concept for Starling Bank designed for social media platforms, contrasts the customer experience of a standard 'boring bank' and Starling Bank. The use of colour highlights a clear contrast between the two types of banks - the use of grey displaying a standardised and habitual experience, where as the use of Starling Bank’s bright colours emphasises the novel and refreshing experience delivered by Starling Bank.
The utilisation of movement, made using Adobe After Effects and audio amplified the voice of the concept - pointing users to a superior customer experience.  

Social Media Advertisement Concept for Starling Bank

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