Image produced by WEARESOUL

A platform for creatives to engage connect through music and art. WEARESOUL provide avenues for its community to empower those who are deprived from a variety of resources and privileges - on a local and international scale.
The Brief

One avenue which enables WEARESOUL to raise funds in achieving this goal of empowering deprived communities is through their Soul Sessions - live music events fused with the influence Soul, R&B and Jazz.

WEARESOUL and myself collaborated to produce a campaign series via their social media streams to increase awareness of the event and increase the conversion rate in ticket sales.

The Brand Identity associated with WEARESOUL is very unique and powerful in its visual presentation and communication. 
Utilising a pastel colour palette while maintaining an identifiable aesthetic via the typography and voice observed through their posts.
In order to produce a campaign which engaged authentically with their main audience and gain new followers, it was essential that I was well-informed about their brand guidelines, inspirations and creative direction.
Ensuring familiarity with the brand and additional research enabled me to overcome this challenge of authentically communicating to their community and reaching a wider audience. 
The benefits behind this approach is the enablement to the create and explore novel ways of visual communication.
The Best Part

Music is an essential part of my daily routine.

So, working with WEARESOUL was amazing - discovering new sounds and melodies while researching.

The collaboration experience was also a great aspect of this project, as it enabled me to grow and explore unique routes in the creative process.  It is important to learn and adapt to new ways of working, experience breeds growth and growth draws us closer to a state of excellence in our work.
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