Whoa, a beautiful melody by Duane Caleb featuring BRLY. This cover art for his single was inspired by the abundance of freedom experienced from knowing that "Jesus set me free" - the main lyric from the chorus of the song. 
I provided the creative direction, visuals through photography and digital design, in order to curate this piece of  artwork.​​​​​​​
When initially listening to the track, immediately, I envisioned a clear blue sky symbolising a sense of freedom and exploration. To further emphasis this concept of pure liberation, I used my hand in an outstretched position to signify freedom. 
Closer to the release of the song was the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement which further emphasised the power behind this song. In addition, echoing the sounds of our daily search for liberation under the constraints and challenges that we may find ourselves in. 
This song is an anthem of liberation - hilighting lighting the freedom and joy that many have found in faith.     
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